Where my shop is located....


------My lovely                 little back deck overlooking Smith’s Cove

IMAGINE is located in  Gloucester, Massachusetts, on the East Coast of the USA

Gloucester is an island, accessable by two bridges from the main land

Rocky Neck used to be an island, but they created a road connecting it to the main land.It is surrounded by Gloucester Harbor

IMAGINE is located in an old house, built on pilings on top of the water. The tide goes up and down twice a day, up to 13’. At low tide it is mud and clamshells under my shop, at high tide the water is less than 3’ from my floor.

My fabulous front yard-----

This is my shop in spring time

This is Imagine with my funky car stealing the show. My yard is adorned with flowers, flags and my colorful artwork.

My artwork hanging along the front fence

With the cute pink ‘Ice Cream Gallery’ next door. You can just glimpse the harbor behind the yellow flag on left.

(The maps are  for the benefit of the children I sponsor in Kathmandu, Nepal and my friends from overseas)